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NEWS 2008


Greetings from Max and his family:

And you thought Heikki was old!  Max is really 13 today as you know but Karen prefers to think in dog years, so he is 91 in her mind.  I thought I would send you some pictures I took of him this morning.  His arthritis is pretty bad but he is still able to get out and walk around the yard, plus he still likes to play with his stuffed toy “Bill”.  Just like the rest of his brain is young but his body doesn’t want to co-operate.

 Hope to see you soon!


Max 13 years!


Congratulations to Tanning Reggae and his owner Ivana Horská for EXC 1, BOB, CAC, National Winner and Group 2 -placement in Olomouc, Czech Republic!



Good news right in the beginning of a new year: Sulo's (Tanning Research Co) hips and elbows are perfect A and 0/0! Congratulations to the owners!

We had visitors from Finland during Christmas time. Here is a picture of a very brave young man, my grandson Henri, with Sisu and Tenu in Bronte Park.


NEWS 2007




You are all in my heart.


Riitta, Heikki, Sisu and Tenu



Congratulations Riimi (Tanning Rapper), Rico (Tanning Rhythm'n Blues) and Lysti (Tanning Rumba) for A/A hips and 0/0 elbows!


Thank you, Mepa, for taking care of Åkerblommans Åccra and bringing her with you to Canada! She's a great puppy! She's now co-owned by Johanne Lauzon in Montreal.


Tanning Reggae, owner Ivana Horska, got Exc 1, CAC, CACIB in an international comformation show in Prague and a nomination for the Cruft's in London! BIG congratulations!


Sissi (BH, TK1 Tanning Password) got her second leg in Open Class Obedience today. She got 167,5 points and won the Open Class.

 Congratulations Krista and Sissi!


Sissi (Tanning Password) got her first leg in Open Class Obedience with 172 points! Congratulations Sissi and Krista!


Pomo (Tanning Portfolio) passed the Finnish Temperament Test with +249 points (max. 300), making him one of the top (if not the top) collies in Finland in this test. Huge congratulations to Pomo and owner/handler Marjaana Tykkyläinen!!!


Sissi (Tanning Password) and Krista Palomäki got Open Class EXC3 in a comformation show in Hyvinkää. Dina Korna was judging and there were over 40 smooth collies entered. Congratulations!

Sisu (Tanning On the Side) entered the Working Riesenschnauzer Federation Annual Sieger Comformation Show in North Carolina, US. Mrs. Anneli Alftan was very thorough in her judging and finally Sisu placed third in Open Class females with SG. I'm very pleased, we even got a ribbon!

We spent the whole weekend in Fayetteville, North Carolina with giant schnauzer enthusiastics. The 17th Schnauzerfest of the organization was held there and many of the members had made the effort to participate, even though the distance between the states is huge. We drove 2900 km on five days and our journey wasn't even the longest one. Eight dog were entered in IPO trials, one in BH and three in Körung. Everything was very interesting and people were really nice (and into giant schnauzers!). You can see the results at



Rico (Tanning Rhythm'n Blues) was in a conformation show today in Nokia . Mlada Svobodova was judging. Rico got JUN ERI 1, PU 4 (excellent 1, the fourth best male in junior class). Congratulations Marjo and Marko! 
Riimi (Tanning Rapper) was shown in Heinola today and he got Very Good. Nicely done, Anni and Marko!



Happy 1st birthday, Tanning R-puppies! Many happy years to come!



Congratulations Lysti (Tanning Rumba) and owner/handler Noora Männistö for getting the last leg in beginner's class (170 points) in obedience and gaining TK 1 -title! Lysti is only 11 months old! Thank you, youngsters, showing us "oldies" how it should be done!



Tenu (Riesig Besserwisser), a Giant Schnauzer male puppy, finally arrived home. Now we have to fly back to Canada with him. With him it's going to be a bit more adventurous than before. I'll keep you posted! Thank you Anne and Pentti Taipale for taking such a good care of him after the Riesen Camp, when we were celebrating our daughter's wedding (congratulations, Sari and Tero!) and thank you Kati for letting me have him. He's great!



Tanning Rhythm'n Blues got Very Good 1 in Hyvinkää Dog Show. Congratulations!


Tanning Reggae got his last CAJC to finish his Junior Championship in Czech Republic! Congratulations Ivana!


Tanning Rhythm'n Blues got Very Good 2 in Orivesi Dog Show. Congratulations!


A new Giant Schnauzer puppy arrived from Germany. She is co-owned with Kari and Leena Inberg, kennel Steinberger. 

More details later



Tanning Reggae handled by owner, Ivana, passed ZZO (obedience) with excellent. Congratulations!

Tanning Rumba with owner Noora got 191 points in obedience trial and placed 2nd in beginner's class. Congratulations to you, too!



Tanning Reggae got Excellent 1 and his second junior CAJC in Brno.

 Congratulations Ivana and Reggae!


Tanning Reggae with his owner Ivana got 96/100 points in an obedience trial (ZOP). Reggae is only 10 months old, the youngest competitor in the trial. He placed 3/21. Congratulations!


Tanning Rapper, owned by Anni and Marko Roiha, got Excellent today in International Dog Show in Kotka! Here's the critics: "Good head, eyes and ears. Needs more neck. Nice body. Enough angulation. Good tail. Correct topline. Moves well" (Davor Javor, Kroatia).




Good evening to Finland,

Yesterday was very successful day for Reggae. We have been on National Show in
Kalisz (Poland) and Reggae got Ex.1, Best young, BOB and  4. BIG in FCI 1 (1.
german sheperd, 2. greonendal, 3. owcarek niziny, 4. smooth collie, 5. rough
collie).There was 4 smooth collies ( Cery - she got Ex.1, Best female and 2
males in open class ). Was really very very hot weather - around 31 degr.  and
the show was on sport stadium without possibility of some shadow. Only shadow
was in the car. Honza and Kuba went also with me, because it was long trip on
bad roads - in Poland are horible roads and no highways.

Reggae has his first Winner Cup! And in 10 month age only !

I send some pictures, but it was so hot, that boys made only few and from
competition from end of show we haven´t some good, because managment put it in
to dark tent (because of hot weather).

Best regards from all of us   Ivana



Tanning Rumba, 10 months old, with owner Noora got 192/200 points in obedience and won the the Beginners Class today in Ulvila. Great work Noora and Lysti! Congratulations!

Tanning Portfolio, owned and handled by Marjaana Tykkyläinen, started their working dog career by passing behaviour test today. Congratulations Marjaana and BH Pomo!



Tanning Reggae got Exc. 1, Best young in breed in Czeck Republic.      Well done!

Tanning Ragtime was BOB in two shows, and although he was amongst the best seven in group, he did not get a group placement nor points. But he starts to learn the name of that game! Thank you, Lotta, for showing him so well!



Ivana from Czech Republic wrote: "Today was very very hot weather. And also
last two weeks was around 30 - 31 C.Tanning Reggae doesn't like this hot weather, but
anyway today he showed himself nicely. He got Ex.1, CAJC PL, best junior of breed. 
Judge was from Poland."




Tanning Ragtime got BOB and BPOB both Saturday and Sunday in a conformation show in Aurora, Canada, getting his first two points. We thank the judges, Wera and Rodi Hübenthal for their courage. And thank you, Laura, for showing him in the group on Saturday and Lotta for handling him so well on Sunday!



Tanning Ragtime started his show career here in Canada on the first long weekend of summer.

 Monday was our lucky day, he placed first in Senior Puppy Class and became Reserve Winners Male in the Kitchener Show. We thank all the judges of the four shows he attended for treating him so nicely!

This weekend was a great experience for Timi!


Today in an obedience trial Tanning Portfolio and Marjaana Tykkyläinen got 163 points and first prize/first leg. Congratulations!



Photos on Noora´s page



Congratulations Reggae and Ivana for EXC 1, CAJC, Best Young and among the 10 best youngsters in the International Show in Chech Republic!



Lysti (Tanning Rumba), owner Noora Männistö, got Junior Class Very Good 1 in their show debut in Harjavalta. Congratulations!


Sissi (Tanning Password) with handler Krista Palomäki got 174,5 points, won the beginner's class and got the title TK1 in obedience. Huge congratulations, and best of luck to the open class! 
Sissi (T. Password) ohjaaja Krista Palomäki ykkötulos 174,5 p. ja luokkavoitto sekä TK1 titteli. Suuret onnittelut, lykkyä pyttyyn avoimeen luokkaan!



14.4.2007 Tanning Reggae, owner Ivana Horská, Czech Republic, got Very Promising 1st (puppy) in his first show in Ostrava National dog show.



Tampere INT Show

Tanning Rhythm'n Blues, owner. Marjo Martikainen ja Marko Sievänen, BOB-puppy.  Tanning Rumba, owner, Noora Männistö, PEN 1 .



Tanning Rapper, owners Anni and Marko Roiha, started his show career today in Helsinki. He was BOS-puppy. Congratulations!


Sissi (T.Password) and Kristiina visited  obedience-competition in Mäntsälä! Beginner class, points 191/200, KP and placing 2



News 2006

 In the dawn of the year 2007, I want to thank all the owners of Tanning Smooth Collies and Giant Schnauzers. I hope you all achieved what ever goals you had with your dog. I wish you all the best for this New Year!

Näin uuden vuoden koitteessa haluan kiittää kaikkia Tanning- lyhytkarvaisen collien ja suursnautserin omistajia. Toivottavasti saavutitte tavoitteenne koiranne kanssa. Toivon teille kaikkea hyvää Uudelle Vuodelle!


 For years there were no Tanning-dogs listed in the annual competition of the best smooths in Finland. I admit, my fault, I was too lazy to send those results. Starting again from the 2005 results, The Finnish Collie Association does the work for us. That is why I’ve got some Tanning-news according the 2005 listings (smooth) of The Finnish Collie Association:

Olen saanut joitain Tanning-tuloksia vuoden 2005 colliekilpailuista (Suomen Collieyhdistys ry). SCY ry on laskenut tulokset vuosien tauon jälkeen. Itse olisinkin taas ollut liian laiska lähettämään mitään. Erityiskiitos L-pentujen omistajille, te olette kyllä näkyneet!

  - congratulations Tanning Kappa Girl and Pirjo Komulainen! Kappa was number ONE in progeny bitch list!!

 Onnittelut Kappa ja Pirjo! Vuoden 2005 paras jalostusnarttu! VAU!

 - number ONE in obedience was Tanning Ledin-P!! Congratulations Ledi and Varpu Siivonen! Your work has been impressive!

 Hattu päästä, Ledi ja Varpu ovat tehneet mahtavan työn! Paras toko-koira 2005!

  - also in obedience, Tanning Lana Turner placed on the fifth position. Congratulations Linda and Merja Isonikkilä!

Toko-tuloksissa viidenneksi sijoittui monitoimipari Linda ja Merja. Onnittelut!

 - and in working dog trials, there were TWO Tanning-dogs placed: Tanning Lee Remick and Marjaana Tykkyläinen on the fifth and Tanning Lana Turner and Merja Isonikkilä on the eight place! Great work, girls!

 Palveluskoirakokeiden viidenneksi paras lyhytkarvainen collie Lempi ja Marjaana sekä kahdeksas Linda ja Merja! Loistavaa työtä!

 - and finally, Tanning smooth collies placed fifth on the list of successful breeders. Not bad, not bad at all.

 Viides sija vähäisellä koiramäärällä kasvattajakilpailussa. Hyvin meni (rinta rottingilla).



Lempi was entered in the St. Petersburg Int. conformation dogshow on Sunday the 17th of December. She got CC and CACIB, was BOB and earned the title: Nevskiy Winner 06.  The other female in the picture is Calibra`s Dream Veawer.

Handsome S. Oliwer Hardy(on the left) were BOS, NW-06 and Rus Ch

Lempi's personal trainer Pomo (T. Portfolio) had done good work with her.
By the way, have you ever seen  Marjaana trotting that fast?
Congratulations Mauno and Lempi!

The collie smooth ring was judgest by Leni Nousiainen. Thanks a lot for the very good encouragemet to Riikka Lainio (and Calibrar Dream Veawer).



   Reggae took part to collie smooths meeting in Hradec Kralove 10.12.06.

 There were 24 smooths and 5 roughs spending day full of activitys from agility to protection







Rico, Lysti and Sulo (and their owners) had nice meeting in Tampere 10.12.

Well grown up, happy and joyfull pups with strong charackters (said Marjaana and took 131 pictures)


T. Research Co has moved to Tampere

Good Luck! Elina and Sumo!


T. Ragtime has flyed to Canada


Rytmi moved to Valkeakoski

Good Luck! Marjo, Marko and Rytmi


Marjaana visited T. Reggae in Czech Republic



T. Reggae has flyed to his new home.

Good Luck! Ivana and Reggae!


T.Primary Key was BOS and BIS 5 and get CC!



Lysti and Riimi moved to their new homes.

Good luck,

Noora and Lysti

Anni, Marko and Riimi


 T.Password get excelent healthy-results!



Eyes: ok


Puppies have been in a vet with very good results: They all are healthy (general). Eyes were CEA-free and now they all got microship

Also Q-girls get good results in eye-check: both have helthy eyes!


Sissi (T.Password) and Kristiina started their obedience-career nicely! Beginner class, points 189/200 and placing 5/23



Sissi is now BH Tanning Password! Congratulations Sissi and Kristiina!


Lempi's puppies were born


Lempi at week 28


Expecting puppies to smooth collie Q-Litter