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Smooth Collie


  A smooth collie is an active, beautiful herding dog who basically needs a job to complete his meaning of life: he can be anything his owner wants him to be
  •                                       a tracking dog
  •                                       a search and rescue dog
  •                                       a show dog
  •                                       a pet dog
  •                                       a lap dog
  •                                       a friend
  •                                       and so many other tasks!
  Thanks to my friends, Tanning -collies are going strong even when I'm not around but traveling and living far away. My love to this breed is permanent.
  Tanning-smooth collies got actually started already in 1985 when we purchased our first smooth male puppy: INT&FIN&DK CH, VK 3 Baubon's Speedy Gonzales from Mrs. Sirkku Siekkeli. Because we were very active at the time, in competing in working dog trials and obedience, we wanted a dog capable of everything. And we got him! At that time a smooth collie was quite rare in working dog trials and obedience rings and many times a stranger even to the eye of a conformation judge!
  Well, the time has changed and smooth collies have proven, not only to be top winning show dogs, but successful working dogs and willing participants in obedience.

So, I'm still on the same mission, trying to do my humble best to breed not only beautiful smooth collies, but smooth collies that are willing and capable to live up to the owner's activities. I'm happy to say that all my puppies have wonderful homes! Thank you, guys!